Versions of zMUD (v2.x)

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2.91 (beta)
  • Fixed a problem speedwalking more than 11 moves in one direction
2.9 (beta)
  • Fixed the Settings file so you dont need a zmud subdirectory anymore
  • Implemented Slow Walking. Allows safe travelling based upon triggers. Can be used to implement robots. See the online help for more detail.
  • Added a new dialog for controlling speedwalking and slowwalking
  • Added a new dialog for controlling the tick timer and made it easier to trigger a command based upon the timer
  • Yes, TINTIN++ script importing/conversion is here!!
  • Fixed bugs with highlighting the screen, and cut/paste. Also, cut/paste now handles both ANSI color and regular text.
  • Fixed problem with receiving lines >255 chars from the MUD. Now handles unlimited line length
  • Added #ERASE and #TYPE file commands, and %grep function
  • Added ~ character to escape or quote other special characters
  • Added full DDE client and server support. See help on #DDE for neat examples of calling Netscape and controlling zMUD remotely.
  • The special character _ used for predefined variables and functions was changed to % to reduce the number of special zMUD characters
  • Fixed a bunch of GP Faults caused when closing a window or exiting zMUD
2.81 (beta)
  • Really a really dumb bug in the ANSI routine that was causing zMUD to hang
  • Settings/Edit/Buttons now allows you to edit all buttons, not just the first one
  • Undefined variables are no longer expanded to blank strings
  • The command input line should now show decenders for users with Big Fonts
2.8 (beta)
  • Really fixed apostrophe problem now
  • Made ANSI color work th way its supposed to regarding bold and bright colors
  • Rewrote trigger pattern matching. Now faster and more powerful.
  • Added lots more new built-in functions
  • Can now #CAPTURE to another window (e.g., you can have a window just for tells, gossip, etc)
  • Turned on NUMLOCK by default so that keypad and arrow keys are different
  • Arrow keys now edit command. Up and Down arrows cycle through command history
  • Added file operations (#FILE, #READ, #WRITE, #RESET)
  • Rewrote the settings files. MUD files are now 5k instead of 100k. There are now several levels of settings files, including global default, and MUD-type defaults
  • Can now import/export macros, aliases, triggers, etc to ASCII text files for offline editing
  • Improved the ANSI command editor window.
  • Window positions now saved
  • Fixed problems with custom commands in speedwalking, and fixed a couple of other speedwalking bugs
  • Command input buffer now sized based upon fonts to allow it to work for people with Big Fonts
  • Fixed some bugs that caused inadvertant highlighting of the output window
  • Consolidated some of the Preferences screens
  • Scrolllock key now freezes screen, and allows PgUp/PgDn to scroll through buffer
  • I've lost track...many more small bug fixes (its been a busy week)
2.7 (beta)
  • Now allows lines starting with apostrophe and quote
  • Status bar height now based upon actual MS Sans Serif font, so should work now with Large fonts
  • Implemented autofreeze. When you click on the scroll bars, the screen is automatically frozen.
  • Made screen pause button near scroll bars more obvious
  • Rewrote input parser to allow built-in and user-defined functions
  • Must now use #VAR for variables/functions, #ALIAS for aliases only. See README.TXT included in the distribution for comments on imcompatibilities with old parser
  • Many built-in functions (full string handling, etc) added. See online help
  • Added a built-in ANSI editor. Can capture lines from the MUD, send multiple lines to the MUD, cut/paste full ANSI color, etc. See online help for details
  • Added #CAPTURE command to send lines from MUD to editor
  • Added _ctime variable to return total seconds connected
  • Cut/Paste now allows up to 16k in buffer, instead of 255 characters
  • Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P cycle to Next and Previous character windows
2.6 (beta)
  • Fixed bugs in handling ANSI color backgrounds
  • Allow you to ignore bold for fonts that have wider bold characters
  • Added menu item to edit button definitions
  • Fixed bug that caused last line not to be displayed sometimes
  • Separated ANSI foreground colors from background colors. Black on black now works properly
2.5 (beta)
  • Added color to zMUD info messages and commands sent to MUD
  • Allowed users without ANSI to change their default text color
  • Assigned movement commands to arrow keys by default
  • Moved INI file from Windows directory to directory containing zmud.exe
  • Added IP address to Connection Wizard dialog
  • Passwords stored in the character database are now scrambled
2.4 (beta)
  • Added #KEY command and <key>=value syntax
  • Added #LOAD and #SAVE commands to manipulate settings
  • Added #EXEC command
  • Added textured backgrounds to MDI frame window
  • Added option to turn sounds on and off
  • Optimized temporary variables (_ vars) for speed of access
  • Speeded up scrolling (again)
2.3 (beta)
  • Improved speedwalking to allow repeat values greater than 9 (e.g. 10n)
  • Added multimedia commands: #BEEP, #PLAY, #MEDIA
  • Moved all toggle options from menu into Edit/Preferences
  • Added startup sound
  • Added #ALL command, and #xxxx where xxxx is the name of a window (tintin++)
  • Added #HELP command
  • Added #VERSION and #WIZLIST commands (tintin++)
  • Made spaces optional in 'variable = value' (variable=value now works)
  • Allow full expressions on the right side of an assignment statement (e.g. a=2;b=a+1)
  • Redesigned the About box
  • Added Smooth Scrolling option (slower, but some people like it better)
2.2 (beta)
  • Implemented Multiple Document Interface (MDI) to allow multiple windows
  • Added syntax to send commands to different windows
  • Added #NAME command to name each window
  • Streamlined user interface through initial startup screen
  • Added ability to connect to most recent MUD
  • Because of MDI, completely revamped the menu interface
  • Changed default font from Courier New to Courier to help Win 3.x users
  • Merged status line with horizontal scroll bar to fit more text in window
2.1 (beta)
  • Replaced WinSock library with dwinsock
  • Added connection timer
  • Now saves total time ever connected to a MUD in the character database
2.01 (public release)
  • Added word-wrap to Window menu and settings file
2.0 (public release)
  • Added Connection Wizard and master MUD list
  • Added _autostart trigger support
  • Added Auto Clear Buffer command to clear input buffer after pressing Enter
  • Added auto-login trigger creation process
  • Added shortcut of .. for #REVERSE command
  • Added Disconnect function
  • Added startup screen
  • Some options now stored in ZMUD.INI file in Windows directory

This page was last updated on July 23, 2001 .