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  CMUD v3 Pro
CMUD v3 Pro 

CMUD PRO is the fastest and most versatile MUD/Telnet/SSH client for PC/Windows.

This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching including regular expressions, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, spell checking, automatic map generation, equipment database, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, Simutronics game support, VT100 support, MSP, MXP, MCP, MCCP support, GSL, Pueblo emulation, word wrapping, alarms, and online help.

Features unique to CMUD include a shared scripting library, compiled scripts, and Lua scripting. CMUD PRO includes all features of the regular CMUD product, and adds SSH and advanced mapper scripting support. Free upgrades for 2 years.

Requires Windows 7, Vista, or XP SP2.

NOTE: For upgrade pricing, be sure to log into your Store account [Detailed Upgrade Instructions].
See the full list of new features in CMUDPro v3.

Price: $39.95

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