Predefined Variables

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The system maintained several predefined variables for you to use:

%action      the action executed from the last trigger
%char      the name of your MUD character
%cr      a newline character
%ctime      the number of seconds you have been connected to the MUD
%curwin      the name of the active MUD window
%def      current list of special characters
%host      the host name of the current MUD
%i      same as %repeatnum
%ioresult      the result of the last I/O command, 0 if it was successful
%ip      the current IP address of your computer
%key      the key value of a database within the LOOPDB command
%lastcom      the last command executed
%lastcom2      the command before the last command executed
%lastcom3      the command before %lastcom2
%lastinput      the last line of commands executed
%line      the last line received from the MUD
%line2      the line before the last line received
%line3      the line before the line before the last line received
%linecol      color attribute of the first character in the current line
%names      returns a string list of all open window names
%null      an empty variable value
%param1      the first parameter from the last trigger match
%param2..%param99      the parameters from the last trigger match
%port      the current port connected to
%random      a random number from 0 to 99
%rec      the current database record
%repeatnum      the current index during repeating commands, or loop command
%secs      the number of milliseconds since midnight
%selected      returns the text currently selected in the output or command buffer
%selline      currently selected line
%selpos      returns column number that was right-clicked on
%selword      currently selected word
%tick      returns the number of seconds on the tick timer
%title      the title of the current MUD
%trigger      the line that caused the last trigger
%val      the value of a database key within the LOOPDB command
%version      current version of zMUD. For example, v5.30 is returned as 530
%window      the name of the current window