Speedwalking with the Map

While maps are useful as visual aids, they are even more important as a speedwalk tool. Once you successfully create a map of a MUD zone, you can then use it to quickly travel to any location.

Consider normal speedwalking using paths. You create a path to go from one location to another. For example, you might create a path the takes you from the temple to the magic shop. However, this path will only work if you are currently at the temple. If you are somewhere else on the MUD, you must first to to the temple, then use your speedwalk path to go to the magic shop.

If you have the area mapped in zMUD, you simple double-click the magic shop room and zMUD will automatically generate the shortest speedwalk path to that location. With an accurate map, you can move to any location within the current zone by just double-clicking on it! This makes maps one of the most valuable tools for a MUD client. You never have to worry about getting lost and can get anywhere you want quicker than most any other players (unless they are using the zMUD mapper too).

Currently you cannot double-click a room in a different zone but can only speedwalk to another room in the same zone. This restriction will be removed in a future version of zMUD.

The mapper will perform speedwalking three different ways: Fast, Safe, Slow. You can choose your speedwalking preference in the Speedwalking section of the Map Properties in the Edit menu.

With Fast speedwalking selected, the movement commands to get to the destination room are sent all at once to the MUD. This is the fastest way to walk, but also the most dangerous. Because they are sent to the MUD at one time, any commands you enter are now received by the MUD *after* all of the speedwalk commands. Thus, if a monster attacks you along the way, your kill command will be delayed, and the mapper will also lose track of where you are (it will think you reached the destination when you didn't). Even though Fast walking is Fast, it is not recommended.

Safe speedwalking is a special mapper version of slow walking. The mapper uses the first line of the room description (or the room name if your MUD doesn't have room descriptions) to determine if a walking step was successful. Basically, the mapper sends the first direction command, then waits for the matching room description. Then it sends the next movement command and waits for the room description again. The advantage of this method is that you are only moved on the map when you actually successfully move on the MUD. Fighting monsters along the way doesn't interfere with the speedwalking.

Slow speedwalking is very similar to Safe speedwalking, except the normal Slow walking parameters are used. This is the most useful and most recommended way to speedwalk because the Slow Walk timeout can be used to abort a speedwalk in the middle. For example, if you encounter a monster and start fighting it, the slow walk timer will abort the speed walk and you can continue when done fighting using the #STEP command. Also, any other slow walk triggers that you have set up will confirm the mapper movement. Combining the power of the mapper with the power of the slow walking features in zMUD makes walking anywhere in the MUD very safe and fast.

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