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One of the fastest and easiest to use Internet troubleshooting tools available. An expert system analyses the results and pinpoints where the troublespots with your network connection are. Results are reported in plain text without the normal network jargon. Detailed tutorials teach novice users about Internet problems. Also includes background testing, logging, and alarms.
Feature Description


DoctorZ uses multiple threads and is optimized to test your network quickly.  Over 10 times faster than the PING or TRACERT tools that come with Windows.

User Interface
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A modern user interface with toolbars, dockable windows, graphical response time bars and history.  The visual interface makes spotting network problems a breeze!

Port Testing
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Not just an ICMP Ping tool.   DoctorZ lets you test any TCP/IP port you want.  Special support for email uses MX record lookups instead of regular DNS name lookups.

Knowledge Base
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DoctorZ is the only network diagnostic tool that builds a knowledge database about your network and connections.   As it learns more about your Internet connection it can offer better advice on troubleshooting.  The Knowledge base also allows DoctorZ to cache information, speeding up the network testing.
Network Tutorials
Ten tutorials teach you about the Internet and how to troubleshoot it using DoctorZ.  These tutorials are designed for novice users and do not contain the normal jargon that makes normal network tools so hard to use.
Network Analysis
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DoctorZ can take the raw test data that is collected and organize it to give you a hierarchical picture of your network connection.  It then uses this picture to pinpoint trouble spots on your Internet connection.  A great way to visualize your network connections.
Background Tests
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DoctorZ can perform background testing of specific machines, or even specific services (like web, email, etc) on specific machines.  Results can be logged to a file, sent via email, or cause an alarm to be generated.
Customizeable DoctorZ can be customized to fit your particular style.  All settings from one session carry on to the next.
Result History
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Multiple results can be kept and displayed using the Back and Forward buttons.  This allows you to compare results and makes DoctorZ the only network diagnostic tool that can detect network route changes as they happen.
Domain Information
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Lookup domain information for any computer.  Smart WHOIS interface selects the proper server from around the world.
Quick Email Quickly send an email message
Email Information Perform FINGER information lookups
Web Information Retrieve source and header for web pages
Proxy Support SOCKS4 proxy support for specific port tests (but not for ICMP tests)
Compatible DoctorZ works on Win95/98/NT and does not require any special system priveleges.  Winsock 2 support required in order to use the faster Raw Socket mode in DoctorZ.

This page last updated on July 23, 2001