Menu Reference

Click on the menu command that you want help on.

Open      connect to a new character or host
Reconnect      reestablish connection to current character
Disconnect      disconnect from the current session
Close All      close all of the MUD windows and return to the character selections screen.
New Log      open a new log file
Append Log      append to an existing log file
Log      toggle logging state
Close Log      close a log file
Print Setup      setup the current printer
Print      print the current screen, buffer, or selection. You can also toggle color or B&W.
Exit      disconnect from MUD and leave the program
Cut      cut text from the input command line
Copy      copy selected text from the input command line
Paste      paste text into the command line
Copy DDE link      copy DDE link information into clipboard
Select All      select the entire contents of the command line
Clear      clear contents of command line
Find      search for a string in the scrollback buffer
Preferences      View/edit General, colors, fonts, sounds, special characters, and memory options.
Classes      View/edit Class settings
Aliases      View/edit Alias settings
Variables      View/edit Variable settings
Triggers      View/edit Trigger settings
Macro keys      View/edit Macro key settings
Buttons      View/edit Button settings
Tab Completion      View/edit tab completion words
Speed Menu      View/edit speed menu settings
Speed Walking      View/edit speedwalking paths
Directions      View/edit speedwalking directions
Status bars      View/edit status bar and status window settings
All Settings      display the settings editor for all settings
New      clear all settings
Load      load settings from a file
Save      save settings to a file
Save As      save settings to a different file
Edit Settings      edit your current character settings
Global Settings      edit the global settings that control the main menu and toolbar
Import      allows you to import ASCII script files, or TINTIN++ script files
Export      Allows you to export macros, aliases, triggers, etc in ASCII format for later importing.
Parse      toggle parsing of command line
Enable Triggers      toggle whether triggers are enabled
Make Alias      create an alias
Record Alias      record an alias from the command line
Record Path      record a path from the command line
Speed to Path      manipulate paths and control speed walking
Make Trigger      create a trigger action
Define Macro      assign a command to a key
Make Button      create a new button
Add Tab Word      add word to tab completion list
Define Status bar      edit the status bar and status window settings
Tick Timer      manipulate the tick timer
Synch Timer      resynch the tick timer
Send file to MUD      send a text file to the MUD
Execute script      load a text file and execute each line as a script
AutoTile      set zMUD to automatically tile (dock) new windows as they are created
QuickTile      rearrange all of the current windows and tile (dock) them as needed
Fullscreen      maximize the current window to cover the entire screen
Maximize      maximize the current window but don't cover the menu window
Show in task bar      toggle whether icon for window is displayed in task bar
Dockable      determine if the current MUD window is dockable
Save Layout      save the current window layout, including docking configuration
Split Window      split the window to view the scrollback buffer
Bring to Front      bring the current MUD window to the front of the screen
Clear Window      erase the screen (but not the scrollback)
Empty Scrollback      clear screen and scrollback buffer
Reset Windows      resize and reposition all windows and bring them to the front of the screen
AutoMapper      display the automapper window
Command History      display the command history
Database      display the database window
Debugger      display the debugger window
Editor      open the full-window command editor
Status      display the status window
Install Plugins      control which plugins are loaded
Contents      show table of contents
Search      search the online help database
Reference      display command reference
Getting Started      display the Getting Started help section
Tutorials      display tutorials in your web browser
Command Wizard      get help and examples of zmud commands
Function Wizard      get help and examples of zmud functions
Check for new version      Query the remote server to see if a new version of zMUD is available.
Send Feedback      send feedback to the author of zMUD
About      version, credits, and copyright info