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zMUD, Zugg's MUD Client
BUY Download zMUD v5.55 (Full, includes plugins) (30-Jun-99, 2756k, 207,665 downloads)
SHAREWARE ($25), 30-execution evaluation
The latest PUBLIC version of zMUD. Contains automapper, database, and support for plugins.. [Features] [Version History]
Includes zChat and Prompt plugins (Must be REGISTERED to use plugins).
BUY Download zMUD v5.55 (Just zMUD, NO PLUGINS) (30-Jun-99, 2042k, 59,623 downloads)
SHAREWARE ($25), 30-execution evaluation
The latest PUBLIC version of zMUD. Contains automapper, database, and support for plugins.. [Features] [Version History]
Does not include any plugins.
DoctorZ, Internet diagnostic tool
BUY Download DoctorZ v1.20 (7-Dec-99, 1263k, 2,714 downloads)
SHAREWARE ($10), 30-day evaluation
The latest version of DoctorZ. A powerful but easy to use network diagnostic tool. It can help you analyze your Internet connection to look for slow or intermittent connections. Great for discovering why you can't connect to a MUD server or any other site on the Internet. Also contains excellent tutorials for novice users who want to understand more about their Internet connection. [Features] [Version History]
zCHAT, Zugg's Chat Client
Download zChat v1.17 BETA (28-Jan-99, 686k, 6,473 downloads)
FREE (use as a zMUD plugin requires a registered version of zMUD)
The latest BETA version of zCHAT. Provides PGP compatible, secure, peer-to-peer chat.   Works as a plugin for zMUD version 5.48 or greater, or runs as a standalone program. [Features]
zMUD Plugins (require REGISTERED version of zMUD)
Download PROMPT v1.4 (Zugg Software, 24-Mar-99, 161k, 4,230 downloads)
Requires REGISTERED VERSION of zMUD v5.48 or greater
Adds the #SETPROMPT and #GAUGE commands to provide graphical gauges of MUD prompt variables such as hp, mana, etc, or any other zMUD variable.  Source code included in zMUD Developer's Kit.
Download CPPIG v2.4 (Cory Peach, 8-Dec-98, 102k, 4,805 downloads)
Requires REGISTERED VERSION of zMUD v5.44 or greater
Seven customizeable text lines, and five customizeable percent bars. Can change colors and with the percent bars direction.  Can turn off items not being used.  Highly customizeable.  Email the author directly for support.
zMUD Developer's Kit
zmuddev.kit.gif (200 bytes) BUY Download Developer's Kit v2.2 BETA (18-Jan-99, 713k, 3,346 downloads)
SHAREWARE ($40), no evaluation or refunds available
The latest BETA version of the zMUD Developer's Kit.  Requires zMUD v5.48 or later. [Features]
Support Files
Download COMCTL32.DLL (300k)
Only download this file if you are getting a Windows95 error message about the version of your COMCTL32.DLL file.
The updated COMCTL32.DLL for Windows 95 needed for zMUD v5.22 or greater.  This is a local copy of the self-extracting archive file.  For the official Microsoft copy, go to their Win95 update support site.  Also, if you haven't installed the Service Pack for Window 95, you should install it from the Microsoft update site.
Download start.wav (270k)
A nice startup sound for zMUD
Download zMUD v5.54 Printable Manual (164k)
A printable copy of the 5.54 zMUD manual in Rich Text Format (RTF)
Download mudlist.txt (approx 1MB)
In v5.31 and greater, you can update the MUD listing within zMUD itself by right-clicking the MUD list and selecting the Update command.
The latest MUD listing from the MUD Connector. Click this link to load the MUD listing into your browser. Then select Save As from the File menu in your web browser and save it to your zMUD directory with a name of mudlist.doc. v5.12 zMUD and later versions will read this file with the mudlist.txt name, but old versions of zMUD need the name of mudlist.doc to work properly. Make sure your disk cache for your web browser is set larger than 800k bytes so that this procedure doesn't cause the list to be downloaded more than once.
Older, Unsupported Software
Download zMUD v4.62 (9-Jun-97, 1042k, 203,411 downloads)
SHAREWARE ($20), 30-day evaluation, UNSUPPORTED
An older 16-bit version of zMUD that will still work under Windows 3.x.  Includes the old automapper module.  This version is no longer supported.
Download zMUD v3.62 (Sep-96, 524k, 188,024 downloads)
A very old version of zMUD that is FREE.   Works under Windows 3.x.  Does not contain the mapper or any other feature added in the last two years.  This version is not supported.

zMUD Mirror sites

zmudmirror.gif (10266 bytes)  

You can now maintain your own zMUD mirror site information in the Links section:

Display a list of all zMUD Mirror sites
Add a mirror site to the list

To create your own zMUD mirror, copy mirror.htm, zmudmirror.gif, buy.gif, download.gif, zmud555.exe, zmud555x.exe to a single directory on a web site then add it to the Links list.

Please name your mirror site in the Links list based upon its geographic location.  Note that in order for your mirror site to work properly, your web site must be capable of server .EXE files.  Some providers require that you put such files into a subdirectory that is enabled for this purpose, in which case you'll have to edit the URL link in the mirror.htm file.

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