MSP General

This Preferences page contains options that control how the MUD Sound Protocol (MSP) is used by zMUD. Most of these preferences are local to the current character.

Enable MUD Sound Protocol
Globally enabled or disables the parsing of MSP commands from the MUD
Echo MSP Triggers
Echos the MSP commands received from the MUD on the screen for debugging purposes
Background sound download
If a sound request is received from the MUD and the sound is not found on the local disk, the sound is downloaded in the background from the Sound URL path or from the URL path specified by the MUD in the MSP command
Show sound downloads
If on, background sound downloads are shown as progress windows
Allow inline MSP
Determines whether MSP commands are parsed in the middle of a text line, or just at the beginning of a text line. All MUD MSP commands will be at the start of a line, but turning on inline MSP allows people to trigger sounds in their chat lines. Turn this off if you don't want to be spammed by sounds.
Sound URL Path
The default URL path to download sounds. The MUD can override this using the U= parameter in the MSP commands.

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