General Sounds

This Preferences page contains options that control what sounds are used by zMUD. Most of these preferences are global.


Enable Sounds (local)
Controls whether all sounds are on or off. When this is off, zMUD will not use any sounds. Default is on.
Old Sound Driver (global)
Determines whether to use the old sound driver. The old sound driver is more compatible and will play most all WAV file formats. However, only one sounds can be heard at a time. The new sound driver only plays uncompressed WAV files, but it allows up to 16 sounds to be playing at the same time.
Beep Sound (global)
The sound used by the #BEEP command.
Startup Sound (global)
The sound played when zMUD is started.
Connect Sound (global)
The sound used when you successfully connect to a MUD.
Disconnect Sound (global)
The sound used when you are disconnected from a MUD.

In the input boxes, you can specify the name of a WAV file, or can enter the numeric value of the window event you wish to trigger. Window event 0 is the standard beep sound. Other sounds occur at 16, 32, 48, 64, etc.

When searching for WAV files, zMUD first looks in the Sounds subdirectory of your current character folder. It then looks in the ZMUD.EXE directory, and finally in any directory specified by the Sound Files directory path.

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