Slow Walking

This Preferences page contains options that control how zMUD performs "slow walking". Most of these preferences are local to the current character.

Slow Walking is used to move from one location to another safely, either in conjunction with the Automapper, or using the #SLOW command.


Timeout aborts walk
Controls whether the Timeout value shown below is used to abort the slow walk, or to flag the walk as successful. Default is on (abort walk).
Timeout value
The amount of time to wait before aborting or completing a slow walk step. This value is in milliseconds, so one second is a value of 1000.
Strings to determine successful slow walk
These are text strings from the MUD that indicate a successful step was taking. They are actually trigger patterns that execute the #OK command to complete a slow walk step. When using the mapper, the mapper will automatically add strings for the room name or description to this list. When not using the mapper, a string such as ^Exits is used to match the exit line that is displayed when you successfully enter a room.

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