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Zeus/eMobius PRE-ORDER v1.04 demo available!
eMöbius is the new Email and Communications application being developed by Zugg Software.  
For a Limited time:
Pre-Order eMobius for $25.  That's HALF PRICE of the eventual public version.  
[More about eMöbius] [eMöbius Discussion Forum]
26-Apr-04 zMUD Translations added to Download page
Customer translations of zMUD into Swedish and Italian are now available.
zMUD v7.05 PUBLIC version available
The fastest and most versatile MUD client available!
Have you tried zMUD lately?  The 30-day trial has been reset for users of v6.40 or earlier.
Fastest version of zMUD yet!  Perl-based regular expressions, even faster mapper, and Windows XP Theme support.
[Version History] [New Features] [Online Help]
19-Jan-04 zExplorer v4.16a PUBLIC version available
Added support for Star Wars Galaxies, and Horizons!
A new mapping and database utility for online games.  Similar to AC Explorer, but can be customized to handle other games.  Currently, AC1, AC2, Horizons, and SWG are supported.  Shares the same license and registration code with AC Explorer, so this is a FREE UPGRADE for AC Explorer users.  Maps compatible with zMapper and zMUD.  Supports the new map database server scripts. [More information]
12-Jan-2004 New Year's Letter from Zugg (plans for 2004)
Send Zugg Software products as a GIFT
Just in time for the holidays, you can now send zMUD, zMapper, or zExplorer/AC Explorer as a gift to a friend.  Credit card orders only.
19-Dec-03 zMapper v1.22 BETA release available
Enhance your zMUD Maps!  Many speed improvements and new features.  Works as zMUD plugin to enhance mapper scripting.  See zMapper help file. [More information] [Version History]
27-Aug-03 Map Database Server Scripts available
PHP scripts written for a MySQL database server allow you to set up your own zMapper/zExplorer map database server.  Documentation included.
Gemstone III Dragonrealms
zMUD now supports Simutronic games
A partership between Simutronics and Zugg Software makes zMUD the only 3rd party MUD client with official built-in support for games such as Gemstone III and Dragonrealms, including inline image display!
20-Dec-02 Get Discount on Bundles!
Test the new Zugg Software Shopping Cart system and get discounts on buying a Bundle of Zuggsoft products.  For example, save $5.00 when buying zMUD and zMapper together.  Or buy zMUD, zMapper and zExplorer together and save $15.00.
18-Nov-02 AC Explorer Pro 3.33a PUBLIC version available
Contains updated map and terrain for new island in November AC patch.
23-Jun-02 zMapper tutorials posted!
4 tutorials posted.  See how to make hexagonal maps in zMapper!  See how to create an interactive Colorado Springs restaurant guide map.  See how to overlay background images.  And more!
13-Jan-02 New zMUD speed benchmark
18-Oct-01 Updated MXP specification available (MXP v0.5)
COM Programming with zMUD (tutorial and reference) (updated for 6.x)
Includes instructions for creating a zMUD Plugin using Visual Basic!
10-Apr-00 Security Hole in zMUD MSP affects all users
20-Mar-00 DoctorZ v1.21 Public Release!
01-Nov-99 UNIX MUD client (mcl) adds support for zChat protocol!
5-Aug-99 Results from the latest zMUD survey available
1-Jul-99 Registration codes changed on July 1st, 1999
12-Jan-99 zCHAT Protocol Specification published
27-Oct-98 Beta-testing policy
Security Hole in zMUD MSP affects all users  (10-Apr-2000)
Some annoying hackers have discovered an MSP command that can be sent which will cause your computer to hang if using Windows 95 or Windows 98.  While MUD servers are generally trustworthy and will probably not send this command, if you have the "Inline MSP" option enabled (which is the default), any MUD user can broadcast this MSP command and cause your system to hang.  Until a version of zMUD that blocks this command can be released, go into the MSP Preferences screen and disable the "Inline MSP" option to prevent this from happening to you.
(NOTE: This hole is fixed in the zMUD v6.02 beta version.)
zMUD Y2K Information (1-Jan-2000)
Versions of zMUD older than 5.55 may no longer work properly since Jan 1st.  Version 4.62 *may* work if you are a registered user of that version.   Trial versions of 4.62 may work if installed after Jan 1st.  If you had a version installed prior to v4.62, it will likely lock up when you run it.  v5.22 definitely locks up or gives a code 111 block, even if you are registered.  I apologize for the bugs in the zMUD that caused these problems.  The only way around these problems is to upgrade to version 5.55.  This was not done on purpose, it was caused by bugs in both the zMUD copy protection and the older registration code algorithms.  Believe me, I'd much rather be programming than answering all of the extra email generated by this problem.  But software has bugs, and v5.55 is Y2K compliant and has been available for 6 months.
Registration codes changed on July 1st, 1999 (1-Jul-99)
The zMUD registration code algorithm was changed on July 1st.   New registration codes were emailed to all registered users.  Also, zMUD version 5.55 will automatically upgrade an old code to a new code once.  If you have any trouble with this and need your reg code upgraded, send your old reg code, name, and email address to Zugg at   The registration algorithm was changed to a secure, digital-signature algorithm to prevent hackers from using zMUD for free, protecting the investment of existing zMUD customers.
Beta-testing policy (27-Oct-98)
Because of the problems with some people downloading the last couple of alpha releases who did not realize what an alpha-version meant, I have changed the policy regarding alpha and beta testing of Zuggsoft products.  Instead of the old Beta Test info page, we have added a Beta Test Discussion Forum to the links on the left of the web site.  Access to this forum must be pre-approved.   First, go to the Site Registration and make sure you have properly registered for access to the web site with a Handle and Password that you choose  (this is completely separate from zMUD registration and is free).  Then, go to the Beta Test Forum link and fill out the application form.  Applications are emailed to Zugg for approval and will be accepted or rejected within 48 hours (normally).  Only applications with valid email addresses will be accepted.  You do not need to be a registered zMUD user in order to be approved.
As part of the Beta Test application process, you will need to read and accept the beta-testing agreement statement.  This statement declares that you are aware beta-testing involves using software with bugs and understand that you must make backups of previous installations before using beta versions of software.
The Beta Test Forum will be used to exchange information about alpha and beta test versions of Zuggsoft products.  Beta problem messages will be removed from the regular Discussion Forum so that regular users are not bothered by them.   Although Zugg will monitor the Beta Forum more often than the regular Discussion Forum, email will still be the preferrred method to report bugs.  I hope that this new and more formal beta-testing process will help both the developer and the users of zMUD.

This page last updated on January 07, 2003